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Information Technology Help Desk Hours:

Phone: 540-568-3555
Mon-Thu: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 3:00pm - 9:00pm

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E-training Questions

Who to call for second level support? Suzanne Vance x84101 or Jennifer Campfield x83845

Q. What is the difference between 'Drop' a session and 'Remove' a session?

In the Training Summary screen:

A. If you are confirmed for a workshop session and need to cancel, click on the Drop button in your training summary screen.

If you are wait-listed for a workshop session and need to cancel, click on the Remove button in your training summary screen.

Q. What happens if I forget and try to register for a class in which I'm already enrolled?

A. The system will not accept a second registration for the same course. An error message appears on the screen indicating that you are already enrolled in the class.

Q. How will I know whether I have been enrolled or wait-listed or dropped from a class?

A. The system automatically generates and sends an email verifying your status.

Q. When will my status change from enrolled to completed on my training summary screen?

A. This is not an automated process. Generally, allow one week.

Q. How can I find a course, if I don't know enough about it to find it?

A. Employee Training enables users to search by:

  • full or partial course name,
  • full or partial course number
  • full or partial course types (TD, IT, etc)
  • and by date range.

Q. How do I know what is covered in a course?

A. When search results are returned, click on the "i" informational icon after the course name to see the full course description.

Q. Do some campus systems require completion of a form before access can be given?

A. Currently these include: the Central Systems, Web Publishing, and Listservs. Each system requires completion of a form for access.

  • JMU Central Systems (Human Resources, Finance, Student, AiM, e-VA etc.)
    Access Request - http://remedy.jmu.edu/iaccess.asp

  • Web Publishing - you must complete the Information Publisher's Quiz before submitting the Access Request form
    • Go to Access Request
    • You must successfully complete the Information Publisher's Quiz before you can complete the Access Request form.

  • Listserv Request Form in the Accounts Portal.
    • Go to http://accounts.jmu.edu,
    • click on Listservs in the navigation bar
    • click on Request a Listserv on the Listserv page
    • Complete and submit the Listserv form