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Information Systems Applications - TEST

The JMU Information Systems Applications TEST page serves as a single access point for the various JMU information systems. Clicking on a link takes you to the login page for the corresponding system.

Human Resources Student Administration Finance University Advancement MyMadison

*HCM 9.2 Upgrade DB'S PT 8.55.16 PI 21

**SPRD - Patches/Tools through CS#47/HR#26/8.55.16
PSYS (09/18/17) PQA (11/06/17)
PTST (04/07/16)
  • New Functionality
  • 8.54.10
PNAV (06/14/17)
  • EduNav
  • 8.54.10
PSRC (12/21/16)
  • Budget Revision
PDEV (09/18/17) PFIT (10/10/17)
PMV2 (07/07/17)
  • from PMV1
PMV3 (08/21/17)
  • from PMV2
  • Standalone
PPRD Unless noted:
  • from PPRD
  • Portal 9.1 Revision 3 (Bundle #9)
  • PeopleTools: 8.55.16
  Application Test Instances Not Categorized Above

IS Issue Submission

Submit Application Issues and they will get routed to the appropriate Application Manager. Use detailed instructions to learn more about how to submit an issue.


Test the compatibility of your browser with JMU's Information Systems Applications or get more information from the Browser Configuration Tutorial. If you use the Core system of Student Administration, HR/Payroll, or Finance, use these instructions to install Firefox.


Information Systems Applications Tutorials

Use detailed tutorials to learn more about how to use J-Ess or MyMadison.


Access to Information Systems Applications

To gain access to any of the JMU Information Systems Applications, you must take the required training and complete the necessary Access Forms.


Project Initiation

Have an idea for an enhancement to an application or are you considering purchasing new software for your department? First, complete the Project Initiation Questionnaire so that Information Technology can evaluate the idea or request.