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You have reached the Information Systems MyMadison support page. View a summary of functionality available in MyMadison for students, graduated students (Fall 2005 and after), instructors, advisers, and guests.



Student/Graduated Student:
  • **NEW** Honors Options (Video)
  • **NEW** How to Change/Declare Your Major/Minor (Video)
  • Academic Planner (Video)
  • Buy My Books Video)
  • Enrollment - Schedule Planner (Video)
  • Enrollment/Waitlist - Add a Class (Video)
  • Enrollment/Waitlist - Drop a Class (Video)
  • Enrollment/Waitlist - Edit a Class (Video)
  • Enrollment/Waitlist - Swap a Class (Video)
  • Financial Aid Accept / Decline (Video)
  • Forwarding Addresses (Video)
  • My Graduation (PDF)
  • Request an Official Transcript (Video)
  • Running What-If Degree Progress Report (Video)
  • Schedule Planner Demo (Video)
  • Search for GenEd Classes (Video)
  • Student Center Overview (PDF)
  • Student Check-In Process (Video)
  • View My Academic Requirement Report (PDF)
  • View My Grades (Video)
  • Welcome to MyMadison (Video)

Instructor/Adviser/Workflow Approvers:

Browser Configuration Tutorial

MyMadison Tips:

1) General Browser Errors and Issues:
Please check the Browser Configuration Tutorial for JMU web-based information systems
at: http://isapps.jmu.edu/tutorials/browser

2) Problems seeing pages in MyMadison - Popup Blockers:
Certain functions within MyMadison utilize popup windows. If you experience issues with functionality, please disable any popup blocking utilities you are using or allow mymadison.jmu.edu to use popups. The following areas may experience issues with popup blockers: UDAP Contract, Unofficial Transcript, Buy My Books, Grid download, and My Student Bill - QuikBILL.

3) UDAP link:
The UDAP contract link can be found on the Student Center page under the Finances section by utilizing the 'other financialů' drop down list. You are not eligible for a UDAP contract if you are a Continuing Education student or have a hold = Withhold for all services.

4) Grid download functionality:
If you are experiencing issues with the grid download functionality with the class roster or grade roster disable any popup blocking utilities you are using or allow mymadison.jmu.edu to use popups. The Class Roster - Download to Excel tutorial will walk you through the steps of downloading your class roster to excel. In addition, please click here to refer back to the Security Tab Settings section on the Browser Configuration Tutorial.