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MyMadison (formally J-Ess - JMU Employee Self-Service)

Welcome to JMU's MyMadison (formally J-Ess - JMU Employee Self-Service) information website. Here you'll find the information you need to access the university's online pay and benefits information system for our employees.

Go to View Payslip
Go to View Compensation
Go to Direct Deposit
Go to W-4/VA-4 Tax Information
Go to Employee 1500 Wage data
Go to Phone Numbers
Go to Home Address
Go to Personal Information
Go to Emergency Contacts
Go to Publish/Privacy Flag
Go to JMU Office/Phone Book Info
Go to Ethnic groups
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Go to View Leave Balances and History
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How do I access the system?
To access MyMadison, go to the JMU Faculty & Staff home page and click on the 'MyMadison' link.

From there, you will be taken to a sign-in screen. Type in your JMU e-ID and Password . Click on the 'Sign In' button or hit the 'Enter' key.

This will take you to the MyMadison Tab

Click on the Employee tab to access your self-service content.

What follows is a description and sample of each of the links you may choose from this page.

View Payslip
This screen shows you your detailed pay information.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure you check the 'Check Date' in the upper right hand corner of the report. That will tell you when the funds will actually be available to you. Although you will be able to see the report, the funds will NOT be placed in your account for your use until the 'Check Date'.

View Compensation
This screen tracks your compensation (salary) history during your employment at JMU.

Direct Deposit
You have three options to change your direct deposit account information—you can edit an existing account, delete an existing account or add a new account. Please remember that if you enter incorrect banking information, it will cause the deposit to be rejected. If the funds are returned to JMU, this may take up to 5 business days. Payment cannot be made to you until the bank returns your money to JMU. There are no emergency funds available to expedite this process. Make every effort to confirm that your account information is correct prior to saving.

W-4/VA-4 Tax Information
You must complete Form W-4/VA-4 so the Payroll Department can calculate the correct amount of tax to withhold from your pay. Federal and state income tax is withheld from your wages based on marital status and the number of allowances claimed on these forms. You may also specify that an additional dollar amount be withheld. You can file a new Form W-4/VA-4 any time your tax situation changes and you choose to have more, or less, tax withheld.

1500-hour Information
Wage employees have access to a link in MyMadison titled 1500-Hour tracking. Here they can view their anniversary date, total hours worked in their anniversary year and the total hours remaining in the aniversary year. Notice in the examples the employee can see hours worked in all departments i which they were actively employed in their anniversary year.

Phone Numbers
This screen allows you to view and change the telephone numbers listed for you in our database. This is also where you can enroll in emergency notification.

Home Address
This screen allows you to view and change your home address. This is very important information that ensures that your W-2 form is sent to the right place.

Personal Information
This screen allows you to view and change your gender, military status and preferred name.

Emergency Contacts
This screen allows you to view and change the information concerning the person whom you would like us to contact in the event of a work-related emergency.

Publish/Privacy Flag
This screen allows you to control what home-related information (if any) you allow to be published in the JMU Phone Directory.

JMU Office/Phone Book Info
This screen allows you to view and change such information as your office number, MSC, etc.

Ethnic groups
The employer is subject to certain governmental recordkeeping and reporting requirements for the administration of civil rights laws and regulations. In order to comply with these laws, the employer invites employees to voluntarily self-identify their race or ethnicity. Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. The information obtained will be kept confidential and may only be used in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws, executive orders, and regulations, including those that require the information to be summarized and reported to the federal government for civil rights enforcement. When reported, data will not identify any specific individual.

Add or Edit Leave Request
The 'Add or Edit Leave Request' screen lets you check your available balances and enter your leave request. The available balance totals reflect the deduction of any pending requests shown below. If you have a Compensatory leave or Recognition leave balance, it is advisable that you use this leave type first because it expires. You may change or delete any request that appears below. It is not possible to enter a request for a leave type with no available balance.

View Leave Balances and History
The 'View Leave Balances and History' screen lets you check your leave balances as of today’s date. The Pending Approval row reflects leave requests you have submitted that are awaiting your manager's review. The Available Balance row displays how many hours you have remaining for that leave type.

View Training Summary
As you participate in training classes, such as those provided by Human Resources, MyMadison will track the training for you, giving you an unofficial transcript of your coursework.

Request Training Enrollment
This screen allows you to search for training classes offered at the university and enroll in a class.

Getting Help
If you have questions, please contact the following:

Questions concerning the actual information you are seeing on MyMadison - Call Human Resources @ x83597.
Questions concerning the technical aspects of MyMadison - Call the Information Technology Help Desk @x83555.
Questions concerning pay details such as when your money is deposited - Call Payroll @x86233.

One final note regarding security: This information, like all access to confidential information such as on-line banking, making online purchases, etc., is as secure as the computer you are using to access it. As always, your careful practices will further ensure the confidentiality of your information. For more information on how to ensure your computer is protected, please refer to the information on R.U.N.S.A.F.E.

It is particularly important that the patches are up to date in your Windows operating system. To be sure that they are up to date, do the following before accessing MyMadison:
  • Click on the 'Start' button (in the lower left hand part of your screen).
  • Select 'Windows Update'
  • Click on the 'Scan for updates' link and follow the instructions