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Phone: 540-568-3555
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1) How can I Contact the Admitting Office?James Madison University has several offices that admit applicants to the university. If you are a graduate or doctoral student, please contact The Graduate School at (540) 568-6131; visit their website at www.jmu.edu/grad; or email the staff at grad@jmu.edu. To contact JMU Outreach & Engagement, please call (540) 568-4253; visit their website at www.jmu.edu/outreach; or email the staff at outreach@jmu.edu. If you are an undergraduate applicant, please contact the Office of Admissions at (540) 568-5681; visit their website at www.jmu.edu/admissions; or email the staff at admissions@jmu.edu.


2) What is the Recommended Web Browser to use for the Applicant Center?There are many web browsers available to access the internet. JMU recognizes the following preferred browsers and ensures that our technologies function properly on Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. If you receive an “Internal Server” error when attempting to access JMU sites, we recommend that you clear your browser cache; then close and re-open your browser.


3) Who can I Contact if I have Technical Issues while Accessing the Applicant Center in MyMadison? The Information Technology Help Desk can provide technical support to assist you with activating your e-ID or resetting your password, addressing browser issues and more. The Information Technology Help Desk offers online support at www.jmu.edu/computing/helpdesk/ and telephone support by calling (540) 568-3555 during their hours of operation. You may find a quick solution to your technical issue or question on the Information Technology Help Desk’s Frequently Asked Questions.

4) To Do Item Status?If your application for admission is incomplete and you have To Do Items displayed in the Applicant Center, please forward the required documents to the appropriate admitting office. When clicking on the Details link of the To Do List the status of Initiated means that we have not received the documents. Once documents are received by the admitting office they will be removed from your To Do List. Please contact the admitting office if you believe your To Do List is incorrect.

5) Can I view the Status of my Audition/Portfolio Review with the College of Visual and Performing Arts through the Applicant Center? At this point, the results of your audition or portfolio review with the College of Visual and Performing Arts are not incorporated into the Applicant Center in MyMadison. It is recommended that you review the materials provided during your audition/portfolio review to determine their notification process.

6) How long will my Decision Notification be Available for me to View and/or Print? It is recommended that you save or print your decision notification immediately for your future reference. Undergraduate applicants should also expect their decision to become inaccessible when the Office of Admissions removes the ability to view admission decisions. Please contact the appropriate admitting office if you feel your decision notification has been removed incorrectly.

7) Who can I Contact if I have Admission Questions about what I see in the Applicant Center in MyMadison? To discuss your applicant for admission or the admission decision you have received please contact the appropriate admitting office. The Graduate School can be reached at (540) 568-6131; for JMU Outreach & Engagement please call (540) 568-4253; and to speak with a staff member with undergraduate admissions please contact the Office of Admissions at (540) 568-5681 during their respective hours of operations.

8) How will the Waitlist Process be displayed in the Applicant Center? Applicants who are offered a position on the waitlist will see an applicant status of Waitlist Offer. When they take action and accept the waitlist offer their status will change to Waitlist Active. If the admitting office is able to make an offer of admission from the waitlist, the status will once again change in the Applicant Center to Admitted. Once the admitting office has closed the waitlist those applicants not admitted will have their status changed to Waitlist Closed.

9) Why did my Status Change back to Complete in the Applicant Center? There are many factors that could change your applicant status back to complete. Applicants who decline an admission or waitlist offer should expect a status of complete. Undergraduate applicants could also expect to see a status of complete when the Office of Admissions removes the ability to view your admission decision. This should not cause an applicant concern but if you would like to discuss your specific change in applicant status, please contact the appropriate admitting office.

10) Tuition Deposit Processing? Undergraduate applicants offered admission to JMU are required to pay a tuition deposit which is credited toward their tuition. The deposit due date is indicated on the acceptance letter and can be paid online via the Applicant Center or by US postal mail. Online payment of the tuition deposit can take 2-3 days to process and change the application status on the Applicant Center. Applicants who pay their tuition deposit online will receive online confirmation when the transaction is complete. When the tuition deposit is applied to their JMU account, applicants receive an automated email confirming receipt and the application status will change in the Applicant Center from Admitted to Accepted.


11) How can I Withdraw my Application?  Please notify the admitting office if you wish to withdraw your application for admission. Admitted and waitlisted students can do this directly in the Applicant Center by following the Accept/Decline process and decline the admission decision. If your application status does not include the functionality to withdraw, undergraduate applicants should follow the process outlined at www.jmu.edu/admissions/admitted/withdraw.shtml. Graduate applicants should send an email message to The Graduate School at grad@jmu.edu. Applicants to our certificate programs through JMU Outreach & Engagement are asked to email them directly at outreach@jmu.edu.


12) Difficulty Viewing Admission letter and/or Financial Aid Preliminary Award Letter?  You may encounter a viewing problem using Safari or Google Chrome as those browsers have pop-ups disabled by default and need to be enabled. Since Chrome is not a recommended JMU browser, instructions can be found using Google Chrome Help within the browser itself. To enable pop-ups in the Chrome browser: a) Click on the wrench icon b) Click on Help c) In the Google Chrome Help box type: Allow All Pop Ups.

13) How Can I View my Admission Decision Letter?  If you are an undergraduate applicant who has received notification that your admission decision and decision letter have been posted in the Applicant Center, this decision is displayed after clicking the Applicant Center icon. By clicking on the admission decision hyperlink under My Applications a pdf version of your decision letter should appear. The pdf of our decision letter is considered a pop-up by some web browsers. If you are unable to view your decision letter be sure to turn off pop-up blockers. You can also view your admission decision letter by clicking on the View and Print Decision hyperlink. Graduate and Outreach applicants can view details about their admission decision by clicking on the decision hyperlink..

14) I Accepted the Offer of Admission; Where Can I Find my Student ID Number to Pay my Tuition Deposit?  Your nine digit Student ID Number can be found on your acceptance letter or under the Personal Information section of the Applicant Center.

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